Why hire our residential and commercial Chicagoland junk removal professionals

If you are left with a huge mess on your hand with every room of an apartment filled with junk and garbage, getting it back in good condition for the next tenant is no easy task. You can do it yourself and risk injury and take up your important time, or you can turn to a local debris hauling company like ours that specializes in post-eviction cleanout services.

A huge advantage of hiring our team is that we specialize in this type of work -- whether it be a complete or partial clear out project. When doing your research to find a reliable junk removal company in Chicago, we ask you to please consider the following:

  • We employ a streamlined process that allows our teams to quickly and efficiently free your property of trash and rubbish. That way you don’t lose money and time by doing it yourself or by relying on a company that isn’t up to the job.

  • We have experience working with local law enforcement. When the situation calls for it, we allow tenants the opportunity to return to claim their possessions. We know what is approved to dispose of what may be required to store.

  • We can take care of the entire cleanout in a hassle free manner. You point what you want banished and we take care of the rest, including heavy lifting, sorting of items, removal, hauling, disposal, and recycling.

  • Our committed crew can handle hauling away any and all leftover junk, including appliances, furniture, electronics, garbage, trash, clothing, mattresses, and more. It doesn’t matter where items are located at the home, apartments or office, we leave you with a clean space that is ready to rent to new tenants fast.

  • We use modern equipment, tools, methods, and vehicles to get the job done promptly and to your satisfaction. Our work isn’t done until you are completely happy and the place is spotless, including sweeping up dust from the floors.