Proven junk removal process

If you have rubbish, junk and debris that has overstayed its welcome, it’s probably time for a thorough clean up of the clutter. Basement decluttering tends to happen when a homeowner has become frustrated by not being able to traverse the area or locate needed items. We follow the process below to clean out cellars and basements. You can too!

1. Take it one section at a time. This makes the cleanout task more manageable.

2. Make time. The job could take a couple hours or a few days. Take your time, do the job right and don’t make unreasonable deadlines.

3. Sort items into piles. Organize them into the following four categories: keep, sell/donate, junk, and relocate to another room.

4. Be willing to throw away. If you haven’t used an item in a few years, get rid of it.

5. Clean up the space. After piles have been organized, start dusting, vacuuming, washing and wiping. Start with dusting at the top and knock everything to the floor for the mop and vacuum to take of.

This work takes much energy and time, but you will feel liberated and organized when the job is done. We can help you properly dispose of items through donation and recycling that is eco-friendly.

In addition to basements, we remove junk from attics, garages, storage units, and entire estates.