Why you might need junk removed from your garage, basement or attic?

When you really think about it, the garage is another room in your house. While most use it to park their cars, store items, or pile up junk, the area could be transformed into a guest room, living space, or office.

Without much effort, the door could be replaced by a wall, insulation added, and the concrete floor coated or covered with laminate. That brings us to a few reasons why you want junk removed from the garage for good.

Renovation: If you really want to make better space out of the garage and extend the square footage of your home, making the garage a usable area is a great option. But before the remodeling project can ever begin, all that junk needs to be cleared out and hauled away.

Space for your car: It’s great to use your garage as intended. Parking your vehicle in there saves it from wear and tear from the elements and protects it from burglary and other damage. It also keeps you out of snow, hail, rain, and extreme heat when you leave and arrive. Moving the junk also may open up space to store the lawnmower or kids’ bikes.

You’re moving: If you’re ready to relocate to another home, it will be necessary to clean out the garage, basement, attic and storage unit (if you have one). The new owners won’t take kindly to being left with a bunch of worthless stuff that isn’t theirs.

Estate cleanout: If a loved one has passed and you're left with a cluttered garage, you have two choices: Sort, organize, remove and dispose of the items yourself, or hire professionals to do the work. In addition to garages, we perform full estate cleanouts for customers.